2017 Southwest Alaska reel

Footage captured during the 2017 field season in Southwest Alaska. Includes some footage of sockeye salmon spawning on island beach locations in Iliamna Lake which was a part of a new research study to determine efficacy of enumerating these populations using an unmanned aerial system.

Iliamna Lake - A Land Worth Preserving

Dr. Thomas Quinn is a professor at the University of Washington who has been studying the ecology of Iliamna Lake since 1987. Iliamna Lake in Southwest Alaska is a unique ecosystem that thrives as an intact watershed.

Miles of Salmon

2016 installment of salmon videos collected over the summer.

Above Iliamna

Aerial footage of sockeye salmon on their spawning grounds in Iliamna Lake in 2015 – one of the largest returns in recent history.

Grizzly Bears and Sockeye

Trail camera video of bears consuming specific parts of salmon during high abundances of spawning sockeye salmon. Iliamna Lake, Alaska.

Stickleback Nest behavior

Male three-spined stickleback tending to his nest; fanning and moving eggs. Captured at Iliamna Lake, Alaska.

Summary ASP research video

I had the opportunity to submit a video about the Alaska Salmon Program to the American Fisheries Society to show at their conference.
I created this short video that explains some of the core research conducted by the Alaska Salmon Program, and celebrates the hard working researchers that have contributed to the program’s success.

This video was selected as runner-up in the Yale Environment 360 video contest (2015).

Long Live the Kings

A promotional video put together for local NGO, Long Live the Kings. Explaining and promoting their Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. 2015.

In Southwest Alaska

Just the pure, spectacular, and wild beauty I have seen in SW Alaska.

Alaska 2013

2013 installment of Alaska Salmon Program videos.


I found some old video clips and put together a short video of my first trip up to Alaska in 2007.

Extreme research

Featuring some of the field work the Alaska Salmon Program conducts over the summer.

Alaska 2012 Short

A short video of 2012 clips from Alaska.